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Thread: GLX-Dock OpenGL Issues

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    GLX-Dock OpenGL Issues


    Whenever I launch GLX-Dock with OpenGL(Cairo), my screen blacks out and the computer logs me out automatically. The normal dock without OpenGL works fine, but even after restarting the computer I still run into the same issue with the OpenGL version. I am currently running Ubuntu 10.04 LTS on my desktop, with a Q6600 at stock speeds, a X300 SE and 3 GB of ram, perfectly capable of running Ubuntu. Anyone have any suggestions? I recently downgraded from 11.04 where the GLX-Dock worked perfectly with both versions (without and with OpenGL).

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    Re: GLX-Dock OpenGL Issues

    Did you install it with the Ubuntu software center? If not you may not have the dependencies installed. Just a thought.

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