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Thread: Problems after system upgrade in XUBUNTU

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    Unhappy Problems after system upgrade in XUBUNTU

    I did the following in my computer :-
    $sudo apt-get update
    $sudo apt-get upgrade
    After restarting the computer, I see the visuals of my Desktop changed. Also, there is not even single folder icon in any drive. Only the name of folder is being displayed and there is no icon. In the panel, certain utilities have lost thier icons too.

    screenshot :

    In a window,the folder icons are not available.
    Also in the left,the thumbnails of Desktop,Filesystem,Documents,Music,etc are not displayed.
    In the right(panel), several utilities have the same default icon(such as the terminal emulator,trash,Web browser,Mail Reader,Settings Manager)
    The thing is only the icons are not visible, but i can double-click and open the folders. How can I get back those icons(like the default yellow color folder icon) because it is annoying to see only the names of folder displayed without any icon
    I did only the upgrade thing i mentioned above, nothing else.(did not tweak anything)

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    Re: Problems after system upgrade in XUBUNTU

    its up to you to change the View settings from the menu

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    Re: Problems after system upgrade in XUBUNTU

    12-04 or 12-10?

    I updated my 12-04 last night and there were two instances when i was asked if i wanted to update or keep certain files. I opted to keep the originals as i'v read on here that it's the safest option. I had no problems. I believe the files were config ones.
    If you opted to update them it might explain what happened to your setup.


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    Re: Problems after system upgrade in XUBUNTU

    Could be your config files got scrambled. Happens to me all the time.

    Try to logout, ( ctrl+alt+f2 )
    then in the console:
    rm -rf .cache/sessions

    then ctrl+alt+f1 ( or ctrl+alt+f7, depending on distribution ) and login again.

    I have to do this often.

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