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Thread: Help! Random Freezes and Crashes on Kubuntu 11.04

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    Help! Random Freezes and Crashes on Kubuntu 11.04

    hey all,
    i've been running Kubuntu 11.04 for a couple weeks now and trying to transition away from windows but i have had this problem with seemingly random system freezing and crashing

    i run kubuntu 11.04 64bit on a dell studio 1558 with a core i5, intel hd graphics, and 6gb ram

    my laptop after awhile will just freeze and all i can do is a hard reset, sometimes the screen will go black with a bunch of text, but i think that only happens when virtualbox is running b/c i can sometimes get back to the desktop, but it will freeze nevertheless (i run win7 in vbox for certain things i need like itunes and office).. i do notice that my laptop is getting pretty warm, but i don't know if that's related b/c it always did under windows

    i don't know if this is and issue with X, KDE, ubuntu, a driver or a kernel issue

    any help would be greatly appreciated! thanks!

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    Re: Help! Random Freezes and Crashes on Kubuntu 11.04

    i have found myself kubuntu to be very unstable too, i would recommend you to move to ubuntu, its much more stable. If you definetly want KDE, Ive even heard better stories from people installing ubuntu base system, and installing kde manually.

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    Re: Help! Random Freezes and Crashes on Kubuntu 11.04

    it could be that it is simply overheating. for this you can use one the of many system monitors that will display temp and CPU usage (perhaps you could even use a widget). that way you can see if some process is running in background causing it to overheat and then solve the problem.

    the text you talk about should give you what kind of error it was caused. it would be good if you could somehow "catch it". because it would be easy to trouble shoot after that.

    also are you saying that the thing only crashes when you run virtual box?

    if the whole system freezes then it's either overheat or hardware malfunction.

    how to see if there is no response? you can try switching to one of the TTY consoles (e.g. ctrl+alt+F2). if you can access it it means only X crashed and not the whole system. if you can then it's likely not a KDE issue.

    oh and KDe is very stable in my case. though i am still running 10.10 with upgraded KDE via PPA.
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    Re: Help! Random Freezes and Crashes on Kubuntu 11.04

    the black screen with text looks kind of like a log of some kind with a lot of memory locations or something like that and i wonder if that is vbox crashing because i can sometimes minimise it and get back to the deskotp, but my laptop does freeze when i'm not running it too
    i've tried and can't get into the tty consoles either

    i have downloaded ubuntu and i'm thinking i'll install it and add kde to it and see if that is more stable, i really want the look of kde because i can't stand how gnome or unity looks

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