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Thread: x 802.1 lost password

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    x 802.1 lost password

    I have 11.04 installed. I can set up a wired connection using network manager and be able to access the internet. However, if I unplug the router, or shutdown the computer, or disconnect from the internet using network-manager, I loose the connection to the internet the next time I try to get back on. I can fix the problem by deleting the connection while the router is plugged in , then adding a connection. This, however, is really getting old.

    I noticed during shutdown a message appeared on the terminal(quick disappearing message) that network interface was being deconfigured. I guess that means everything I had done previously was wiped out. Tried looking for a shutdown script, but couldn't find any. This problem has been around for years. I am wondering if this is the cause.
    I tried using wicd as an alternative, but it caused my gnome screen to lock up when looking thru the filesystem.
    Any help appreciated.

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    Re: x 802.1 lost password

    Are you manually configuring an IP address - or are you setting up a DHCP client?
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    Re: x 802.1 lost password

    I am setting up a wired connection for my home computer using dhcp addressing and 802.1. When I lose the connection, it keeps popping up a network id screen, but without the ability to enter anything into it. Only options are cancel and connect.

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