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There is such a thing as failure of the SSD ...
This is probably the case, as revealed by....

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Disk /dev/sdd: 0 MB, 32768 bytes
This says that fdisk is finding the disk to be a mere 32,768 bytes (note: bytes, not some larger multiple of that, like gibibytes) in size. For comparison, a 128-entry GPT consumes a total of 34,304 bytes (including both primary and backup data structures), so this disk, as seen by fdisk, isn't even large enough to partition with a standard-sized GPT.

FWIW, gdisk produces similar output (it reports the disk's size in both sectors and MiB, GiB, TiB, or other multiple-of-bytes value), but dabl's gdisk examples have all been edited to omit this information, so it's impossible to see how gdisk is seeing the disk. gdisk, and probably fdisk, determines the disk size without referring to the MBR data, so erasing the MBR data will do nothing to change this if it's being misdetected. It's conceivable, though, that the drive is OK and it's a driver issue, kernel bug, or a bug in partitioning software. Testing in another (non-Linux) OS, such as Windows or FreeBSD, would reveal if this was the case.