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Thread: Different browsers, how to get different IPs

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    Different browsers, how to get different IPs


    I have rented a Virtual Private Server during several years as I have learned to install a SOCKS proxy I use through a SSH tunnel. In my local machine, this proxy appears as a port of my localhost.

    Unfortunately, this VPS is expensive and I would like to know if there are any relatively inexpensive ways to connect through different browsers to different IPs

    Summarizing, the main reason I have this VPS is that it allows me to listen to US radio stations even though I am in Europe. I am looking for cheaper ways to achieve this.

    I have found a reseller account for a third of what I pay for my VPS and I have found VPN companies with IPs in many different cities of many different countries. As far as I have deduced, a VPN would change the IP of all my computer's access to Internet. That is not an ideal way for me as google would know my IP as soon as I logged on to my account.

    I would like to know if there is a way with a VPN to create proxies that I can use with only some of my browsers and use my main ISP IP for all the rest of my Internet access.

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    Re: Different browsers, how to get different IPs

    You can buy a cheap (but advanced) cisco router, on e-bay. And create Access Control Lists to divert traffic, to the correct locations, over your VPN connections.

    If you would need help on setting such up. Im willing to give you a hand. Currently study CCNP (where i have used a lot of time on VPN connections and how to control traffic)
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