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Thread: General teamviewer question

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    General teamviewer question

    Hi guys,

    just a general question: does anybody find that remote desktop'ing using teamviewer on ubuntu seems really slow? i have used teamviewer for years on windows machines and it always works perfectly but now i am trying it on ubu machines and it seems dead slow. The file transfer bit seems very quick but the actual remote control does not. I have tried both from windows > ubuntu and ubuntu > ubuntu (10.04)

    I know somebody may suggest using the built in vnc in ubu but Ihave many machines to manage and have them setup in a teamviewer account (plus this way i dont need to worry about ddns or port forwarding)

    does anybody know if there is any settings i can play with to speed things up?


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    Re: General teamviewer question

    yup. same thing happening to me.

    teamviewer remote connection to ubuntu 9.04 really slow. My guess is the lack of ability to manage my 2 monitors sepparetely so the UI refresh performance is degraded. teamviewer client in 9.04 will also not let me remove the wallpaper (more performance degradation)

    any clue on how to make it work better?

    I need to use teamviewer because my company has 5900 vnc port blocked.

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    Re: General teamviewer question

    Anyone figured out how to have teamviewer work better on Linux, performance SUX to the point of being unusable at work.... and forbid you try it with a FOUR SCREEN system.

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