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Thread: Smplayer Issue || 11.04

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    Re: Smplayer Issue || 11.04

    Quote Originally Posted by SeijiSensei View Post
    The first of these requires using CoreAVC through wine. I wouldn't suggest that to anyone over native mplayer. A solution that requires running some Windows code in wine isn't a solution for people like me who don't run wine and don't intend to. (I'd rather just use VirtualBox with a Windows guest.) The second PPA is called "Testing PPA". While it has an mplayer2 build, I don't know how trustworthy it is.

    I wish the mplayer2 devs would maintain their own PPA with a well-tested and well-supported release. Until then, I'm sticking to building from source. If you're not deterred from compiling, this is a fine solution with no additional overhead like CoreAVC.
    No, it doesn't require coreavc, it just says you *could* install coreavc if you want to but it doesn't say you have to. Installing coreavc would involve some extra work and components.

    I have been using just the mplayer for quite a while without coreavc (I didn't even have WINE) If you don't want coreavc just don't install dishowserver. It is an excellent player, works well with all gui front ends and gets updated regularly. It is a lot better than stock Mplayer. I have never encountered a problem. I think this ppa should really gets more publicity (The MOTU mplayer PPA is rather mediocre, but it has a lot of recommendations)

    The second one's mplayer build is exactly the same as the first one, it is from the first ppa. There are some "testing" stuffs but you don't need to install them, I do recommend the gnome-mplayer though if you are using 0.922 in Maverick because it is broken.

    The only problem with mplayer2 is with streaming because it has some conflicts with gnome-mplayer's handling of pausing and starting,--see Mplayer2's FAQ for the explanation. So I actually ended up compiling mplayer2 so I have both mplayer and mplayer2 (with different paths and different names) I use mplayer2 to play local files (with Umplayer as front end) and mplayer for streaming, it turns out to work quite well.
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    Re: Smplayer Issue || 11.04

    win ff loads a 264 file type

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    Re: Smplayer Issue || 11.04

    (S)mplayer filename Issue issue solved

    Follow the instructions in this post here.

    If you are having this issue with Smplayer, modify the Smplayer desktop configuration (instead of mplayer)

    file at /usr/share/applications.
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