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Thread: Nyancat Auto twitter VERY IMPORATANT!!

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    Re: Nyancat Auto twitter VERY IMPORATANT!!

    Quote Originally Posted by pafoo View Post
    Why in the world would you keep tweeting the same ip address over and over. Why not just save the ip to your VNC/RDP client or in a text file... I'm lost.
    This is off topic, pafoo, but I want to clairify this for you.

    As stated earlier, there are (some would consider better) alternatives to logging IP changes, but the reason for wanting a system would be dynamic IP assignment. Some ISPs dynamically allocate IPs, This is very common with dial-up users and some internal organizations which act as ISPs {some colleges}. If you had a server on such a networked system, you would need to keep all references to the server current. Usually this is done by running a program of some sort which reports changes to another server - usually some dynamic dns service. Then the references (website, nameserver info etc) are set to point to the dns server which then points to (the current location of) your server.
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