I'm considering putting together an Ubuntu / MythTV based HTPC as a side project. After digging around a bit i'm still a little muddled about problems with Bluray playback.

I have read that MythTV will now playback Blu-ray discs almost out of the box; which sounds excellent news. I do not want to rip them or anything like that, just able to pop them in and play with little fuss.

However, what's the situation with Multi Zone blu-rays? I have a few Criterion Zone A imports that I would dearly love to still be able to play. [I currently have a multi zone player that handles them with a quick remote control code entry and handles multi-region DVD's in the background].

Not entirely sure I have grasped the situation with blurays on computers yet? Unlike DVD's the bluray drives themselves are not locked to regions requiring firmware alterations; the region locking is done on the software side, yes?

So how are multi zone blurays handled on computers? How does the software decide where in the world I am? Is it locked into one area for good or easily changeable? Can mythtv handle Blurays from any zone.

On an aside the same info for multiregion DVD's wouldn't go amiss as I still have a few of them.