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Thread: No seek

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    Re: No seek

    No problem.

    I do know, however, that on the (unfortunately frequent) occasions when I have collapsed the seektable (or other tables) the mythweb repair option has failed every time, while the database has always been subsequently fixable from the command prompt. So I suspect that mythweb also invokes mysqlcheck either at its default or at best with an "optimize" parameter.


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    Re: No seek

    Quote Originally Posted by klc5555 View Post
    9 hours? Yikes.

    Next time you may want to try mysqlcheck first. If the table is repairable (as it usually is with this common problem) it should save you about 8 hours and 56 minutes.
    Yes, I did try the mysqlcheck that you recommended but it didn't work. I might not have been doing it right, I kept getting an error, something like permission denied, even with sudo. I also tried the repair table link in Mythweb.

    Anyway, it's fixed, and I really appreciate the help.

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