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Thread: How to Use the Unity System (The Basics for the newest users of Ubuntu 11.04)

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    How to Use the Unity System (The Basics for the newest users of Ubuntu 11.04)

    ]Hello! Today I will be showing you how to use the new Unity System added in the newest version of Ubuntu (11.04). First of all, Unity is made out of three parts. The first part is called "THE LAUNCHER". The Launcher is a bar that will pop-up when you get your mouse there (Will be there if you have no windows opened or if they are minimized). The Launcher is something similar to Apple's Dock (In a better design in my opinnion). You can easily add/remove applications. Let's see how we can do that. If you actally have some applications on your desktop or a folder and would like to add them to your launcher, then you can drag-drop them. This also works with the applications (A magnifying glass with a plus in it) on the launcher. To remove an application/file/folder from the Launcher, you right-click that (left-click for the left-handed mouse users) and dis-select "Stay on Launcher" (NOTE: I am a greek Ubuntu Linux User so I am not exactly sure what the button is called.) Now, to open an application/file/folder from the launcher you can either click (as most people do) or hold down the Super Button (Windows Logo Button) with the combaination you'd be interested in. I will just name the combinations and say for the first button in the Launcher.

    #1 button - Super + 1
    #2 button - Super + 2
    #3 button - Super + 3
    #4 button - Super + 4
    #5 button - Super + 5
    #6 button - Super + 6
    #7 button - Super + 7
    #8 button - Super + 8
    #9 button - Super + s
    #10 button - Super + a
    #11 button - Super + f
    #12 button (or bin as I have it set) - Super + t

    The guide will soon be updated with the remaining two parts of the Unity System. Stay tuned! Comments are welcome.
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