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Thread: Boot Issues on HP dv7t-4100

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    Boot Issues on HP dv7t-4100

    I recently installed a clean copy of Ubuntu 11.04 on my hp dv7t-4100 notebook and I've been experiencing start-up problems. My computer boots up to grub and after selecting the first (default ubuntu) option, I get the blinking cursor for a while and then a completely black screen. I always have to force shut down the computer several times before I can boot back into Ubuntu which I understand isn't good for the laptop.
    Is this a known issue? Is there a fix? Can anyone help?

    HP Pavilion dv7-6005tx
    Ubuntu 13.10 / Unity

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    Re: Boot Issues on HP dv7t-4100

    Are you saying that if you reboot and reboot, eventually it works? That sounds like a hardware problem. Is the machine still under warranty?

    By the way, the dv7t-4100 is a fairly large family of computers. It might be worth mentioning what CPU/RAM/video it has. But I really think it's hardware: something loose, or a connector which works when it's warm but not then it's cold.


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