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Thread: Need help with mouse configuration

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    Need help with mouse configuration

    I just installed Ubuntu 11.04 and I have a Logitech MX518 mouse. I see that the Logitech SetPoint software is only for Windows, but I am not able to get the exact mouse behavior that I want through the Mouse settings in Ubuntu.

    I want acceleration disabled, so I put the slider all the way to the left for acceleration. I then move the slider for mouse sensitivity, but I didn't notice a change in cursor speed. How can I modify my mouse to not use acceleration but adjust the speed of the cursor? Is there a special app I can install for this?

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    Re: Need help with mouse configuration

    I have this mouse, I'm on 10.04.2 and sensitivity does not really affect it on my slider either. I think that this is mostly because the +/- buttons control this on their own. Acceleration does have an effect though but I much prefer to just use the buttons both in game and out of game.

    Did some searching for you to get an extra pair of eyes on it for you, didn't find much other than how to configure the button behaviors for mice.


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