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Thread: Trying to change default item in GRUB 1.99

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    Trying to change default item in GRUB 1.99

    Hello , I am very new to Ubuntu. This may be asked in this forum several times . But I wanted to make sure I am not messing up anything in particular.

    I want to change the default item in my GRUB.
    The version of my GRUB is

    grub-install (GRUB) 1.99-12ubuntu5
    I am using Ubuntu 11.10 on a 32-bit computer.
    The other OS that I have is WIndows Vista.

    I wish to make Windows Vista as the default item which is highlighted in the GRUB menu.Currently the default item is the 1st item in the menu.

    I read parts of this webpage - .

    I could assimilate some of it.
    I gather that grub.cfg file should be left alone. And what needs to be edited is the grub file present in etc/default/ folder.

    Now when I go to the folder there is a text file called 'grub' . I have to edit this isn't it? (it has the GRUB_DEFAULT variable set to 0 currently).

    Trouble is it is a read-only file and I don't know how to change it's permissions. I am stuck on this point.
    Is it okay to change this file so that I get the desired result.

    Note - I wish to use the method in which we set the variable to a string value. I.e my OS name in the GRUB menu is "Windows Vista (loader) (on /dev/sda2)" . Can I set this as the value of variable GRUB_DEFAULT ?


    edit :-
    Found the solution on this thread - after a bit of searching. . Will search more from next time onwards.

    Anyways thanks to the forum in genral for providing such great help on all the threads.
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    Re: Trying to change default item in GRUB 1.99

    Another easy, graphical way to do this is to use Grub Customizer, see:

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    Re: Trying to change default item in GRUB 1.99



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