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Thread: Anyone interested in translating a CC licensed novel?

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    Wink Anyone interested in translating a CC licensed novel?


    Just wondering if anyone here is interested in translating my Creative Commons licensed novel, THE HONOUR OF THE KNIGHTS (First Edition), into another language (French, German, Spanish, Italian, Polish, etc).

    As the book has been rewritten (as the Second Edition), I figured it might be fun to have the original translated into a few other languages.

    The only caveat is that you can't sell the translation (and neither will I). The translation will be bound by the same CC license (by-nd-nc) as the original, with the waive of translating the text into other languages.

    I'll host the translation on the book's website:

    You can find the text on the downloads page:

    oh... the book is quite long: 124,000 words. So, no small undertaking..!
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    Re: Anyone interested in translating a CC licensed novel?

    Not about translation, I'm interested in reading the original English novel so just asking, what's the difference between the first and second edition?

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    Re: Anyone interested in translating a CC licensed novel?

    The Second Edition is basically a rewrite. It retains the same core storyline, but has some extra bits and pieces thrown in. It also has a style that is more consistent with the second and third books.

    It started off as a writing exercise and then just became a full rewrite. I did away with some of the scenes I wasn't too happy with and tweaked in a few other details. The Second Edition will be available as an eBook in September for £1.99 / $3.99.

    I wrote a blog post about it here (CONTAINS SPOILERS):

    This isn't a hard sci-fi novel, more on the softer side (starfighter pilots, so... yeah). If you're into your hard sci-fi you might not like it so much.

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