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Thread: Wifi not working on Samsung NP305E5A

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    Wifi not working on Samsung NP305E5A

    I have a samsung amd6 laptop that had chakra installed. After adding a few packages my wifi stopped working. I tried deleting/removing the packages and rebooting chakra to no avail. I loaded ubuntu in parallel with chakra and still nothing. It doesn't seem to see the card at all. Though I had other issues with Chakra, my wifi worked well up until I started loading packages. I'm VERY new to this, but I had some training years ago on 8086, 8087 and 8088 computers (IF you even know what those are), so I have just enough knowledge to KNOW I NEED HELP!
    I love Ubuntu (had it put on an old laptop by a pro) and refuse to use windows. I would appreciate any and all help. Thanks.

    Here is link to craigslist that shows the results of various commands I've used already.
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