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Thread: Language Support problem

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    Language Support problem

    Hi all,

    Recently, I tried to install Hebrew and Swedish on my "English speaking" Ubuntu, through the Language Support.
    Right after that I noticed it messed up all my menus.
    I tried going back to the English menus but with not much success.
    Even removing these two languages did not really help and I'm stuck with menus that are half English and half Swedish.

    Any ideas how to get back to a full English version???
    I still use Hebrew and Swedish as extra languages to write with but I have no need for them in Language Support.


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    Re: Language Support problem

    No one?!?!

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    Re: Language Support problem

    I would like to clarify a few things. May I?

    Did you remove the language support for Hebrew and Swedish through either the software centre or synaptic? Did use the Language support utility to select English as the language for menus and windows? Did you click apply system-wide? The install/Remove languages option seems to have the purpose of activating spellchecking and other writing aids for other languages. So, you would want to keep that. Perhaps your need is for dictionaries in these languages and not language support.

    The software centre has a Swedish dictionary for Myspell and also a Hebrew dictionary for Myspell as well as writing aids meta packages for both languages. You have to select reveal technical items to see these.

    Openoffice and Libreoffice now use Hunspell but I have read that it is backwards compatible with Myspell dictionaries. This might be what you need.

    Do not forget that at login you can also choose the language.

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