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Thread: Synaptics Touchpad Driver Package

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    Exclamation Synaptics Touchpad Driver Package

    I have Synaptics Touchpad Driver Package which works on SuSE/OpenSuSE and it has GUI like a windows driver and it is officially supported by HP.

    I want to convert this package from rpm to deb (not using alien)

    If we will convert this package to deb, following notebooks will have official touchpad drivers and it's control panel:

    Compaq 320 Notebook PC
    Compaq 321 Notebook PC
    Compaq 325 Notebook PC
    Compaq 326 Notebook PC
    Compaq 420 Notebook PC
    Compaq 421 Notebook PC
    Compaq 620 Notebook PC
    Compaq 621 Notebook PC
    HP 420 Notebook PC
    HP 421 Notebook PC
    HP 425 Notebook PC
    HP 620 Notebook PC
    HP 625 Notebook PC
    HP Mini 1103
    HP Mini 5103
    HP ProBook 4320s Notebook PC
    HP ProBook 4321s Notebook PC
    HP ProBook 4325s Notebook PC
    HP ProBook 4326s Notebook PC
    HP ProBook 4420s Notebook PC
    HP ProBook 4421s Notebook PC
    HP ProBook 4425s Notebook PC
    HP ProBook 4520s Notebook PC
    HP ProBook 4525s Notebook PC
    HP ProBook 4720s Notebook PC
    HP ProBook 5220m Notebook PC
    HP ProBook 5320m Notebook PC

    here it the driver >

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    Re: Synaptics Touchpad Driver Package

    I used alien package converter but something is not working...

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    Re: Synaptics Touchpad Driver Package

    I wonder if you have seen and tried gpointing-device-settings package from the repos. I have no idea what you have at the moment, nor what open-suse uses, but I think this package may do everything that you want.
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    Re: Synaptics Touchpad Driver Package

    this package not working for me and it is unofficial. I am talking about official driver

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