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Thread: How to disable encfs?

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    How to disable encfs?

    Set up a few machines yesterday to test out some parallel code. Just for fun, I selected the "encrypt users files" option when setting up Ubuntu (10.10). I had never used the option in years past.

    Now I'm finding it a pain. EG., ssh requires me to already have a login to the machine before it will let me log in w/o a password (eg., using and authorized_keys).

    Similarly, I have no reason to encrypt files on these machines. They're just crunching numbers.

    Is there an easy way to disable this? Or do I need to delete my original user and make another one (with all the su privelages, etc...) w/o an encrypted file system / home directory.



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    Re: How to disable encfs?

    There are steps to remove the encryption here:

    Up to you to decide what is easier (new user or modify the old).

    For ssh, edit /etc/ssh/sshd_config and put the authorized keys outside of home
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