I just upgraded to 11.04 and I'm using the GNOME environment. I've gotten everything working as it did on 10.04 except for 2 problems with the workplace switcher:

  1. I have 4 workspaces, as before, and I have no trouble switching between them. But the workspace switcher app on the bottom right will only show the active workspace. I really need it to show all 4. When I go into Preferences, the only option is to change the number of workspaces; there are no options for how to display the workspaces as there used to be.
  2. Also, no matter which workspace I'm in, the bottom panel displays all windows open anywhere. If I click on a window open in another workspace, it automatically takes me to that workspace. Previously, each workspace would have its own set of windows. The point of separate workspaces is to organize windows and to reduce clutter so I would really like the latter setting

Thanks in advance for any help.