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Thread: Sound configuration and problems with logging out

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    Sound configuration and problems with logging out

    I'm having a few issues with KDE. First the sound:

    I can't seem to get KDE's sound to play nicely. After checking, Internal audio is now disabled, along with everything except Dummy output. Is there any way I can replace Phonon? I really really really hate it. It is a pain in the ***, and is extremely hard to deal with. As much as I depend on my audio software not being a *nasty swear word* this would cause me to replace KDE.

    ...and now out of nowhere, my internal audio is available again *scratches head*

    Also I've been having issues with it playing audio out of the built in speakers (I'm using a laptop) and my headset at the same time, and my microphone works, but it isn't showing up in the "Capture devices" KMix tab.

    Also also, for reasons unknown, KDE sometimes won't log out. Or shut down. Or restart or respond to anything else on the "Leave" list. The weird thing is, it doesn't do this every time. is there a log I could check for this?
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