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Thread: Black screen responding to no input after ~5 mins of playing Minecraft

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    Unhappy Black screen responding to no input after ~5 mins of playing Minecraft

    Hi there,
    I have searched ages for a fix to this, to no avail.
    My father's computer has an nVidia GeForce GT 230 graphics card. Everything with graphics works ok. He's running Ubuntu 10.10. Now, when he plays Minecraft even for 5 minutes, the entire screen goes black. Nothing. The monitor says "Going to sleep". (Its a monitor-only message). The mouse isn't responding, nor is the keyboard. Turning the monitor on and off again does nothing either.
    I've tried:

    • Reinstalling Minecraft
    • Making a new save game for him
    • Changing the proprietary graphics card driver to the recommended one. (and putting in a reboot between doing the two).
    • Running Minecraft under
      java -Xmx2048M -Xms1024M -cp minecraft.jar net.minecraft.LauncherFrame

    I've even put the graphics to fancy and the fps rate to balanced. Advanced OpenGl is off.
    Any ideas?
    I'd REALLY appreciate anything, anything at all.

    Thanks so much,

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    Is it worth mentioning that even getting him to run Minecraft on the site doesnt work?
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