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Thread: Single HDD (installed on) -> Dual HDD RAID 1 migration

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    Re: Single HDD (installed on) -> Dual HDD RAID 1 migration

    For general info:
    An alternative rather than having 3 arrays, one could have one array and use LVM to subdivide it into 3 or more partitions. LVM is a lot more flexible. I am not sure what the relative performance is.

    I have my OS on the RAID because I dont want any loss of service if I lose a disk. I havent found any problems with this myself.

    Strictly speaking, swap doesnt have to be on a raid. Normally swap isnt used anyhow so losing it probably wont stop your system working unless it is using swap space when swap is lost. I am not sure how the OS would deal with that scenario.
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    Re: Single HDD (installed on) -> Dual HDD RAID 1 migration

    Quote Originally Posted by tgalati4 View Post
    Nice tutorial. Although I would have set up the drives differently:

    For 1 TB drives:

    Drive 1

    20 GB Boot/OS partition
    980 GB RAID1 Data partition

    Drive 2

    20 GB Boot/OS partition (rsync'd once a week or once a month)
    980 GB RAID1 data partition

    By keeping the OS out of the RAID, you have more options for troubleshooting. By rsyncing the Boot/OS partition you have a weekly or monthly snapshot that you can either boot from directly or you can use for comparison and troubleshooting.

    With your current configuration, when the RAID fails, you won't be able to boot; you will have to use a Live CD and not have any of your configuration or services set up.
    I'll be using rsnapshot to backup to a HDD that is separate from the array anyway .

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