Guys - Dave Bush here. Some of you folks may remember when I was an editor of Ubuntu Weekly News as well as a member of the SC LoCo. I think my Ubuntu Membership has expired, but anyway - I'm not a bot, nor a spammer - I swear!

Is anyone out there looking for employment as a Linux admin? I'm in Myrtle Beach, and I'm trying to fill some positions. I won't post the full position info here because it's borderline-spam for me to be doing this in forum anyway. Long story short, if you're not afraid of the commandline, somewhere near Myrtle Beach, and looking for a job that'll let you use your Linux skills then please get in touch with me.

The best way to get in touch with me is via my work email: or If you don't hear back from me there then the spam filters at work may have intercepted it, and you can try my personal email address

Thanks, and sorry if this is interpreted in any way as spam. It's not. I need talented people!

- Dave