I don't know if anybody can help me but I have a question about rEFIt and its behaviour, you'll have to forgive me, I'm sorta new to this whole multiple OS thing. So right now I have rEFIt on my mac pro and when I load it all 4 drives I have installed appear, one drive for OSx and then the windows formated drives I have (Windows 7, Windows Vista, and a storage drive). Right now everything is working fine but I'm looking to reformat my Vista drive and install Ubuntu on it. I didn't setup the computer originally (All I've personally done is bootcamp the windows 7 drive) but I know bootcamp doesn't support linux distros as an option. So I'm wondering, since rEFIt sees the Vista drive already, if I completely wipe the drive and install Ubuntu on it, what happens? I know rEFIt can boot linux paritions, so will it just bring up the options as it does now, except with the linux partition? All the solutions I've found online have been for macbooks and relate to using 1 hard drive with 3 partitions as opposed to 3 drives.