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Thread: 12" IBook G4 & Ubuntu 10.10, hardware?

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    12" IBook G4 & Ubuntu 10.10, hardware?

    Someone gave me an 12" iBook G4 that wouldn't boot, no OS disks but otherwise ok.

    This is my first Apple/ Mac product so I'm kind of learning as I go, I'm a casual Ubuntu user, so I'm still learning on that front also.

    So, I wasn't able to fix the boot problem on the Mac OS so i downloaded Ubuntu 10.10 for PPC, installed it, messed up something, reinstalled it and it's now working, although with a few well known bugs. (no flash support, battery monitor (?) or sleep mode)

    My 1st question is; how can I find out just what hardware my G4 has? There's no model number on the case that I can find. Is there a utility or app I can run to see what hardware it's equipped with, ie processor speed, cd/dvd burner, RAM etc.

    Q #2; assuming it has a cd burner, can U 10.10 burn CDs bootable on a iBook from a .dmg file? I would like to be able to dual boot Ubuntu and the original Mac OS if possible.
    I am still running Ubuntu 8.04/ Win XP on my desktop, it does have a CD/DVD burner, but would the different hardware keep it from burning a Mac bootable disk?

    Thanks in advance for any help and tips!

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    Re: 12" IBook G4 & Ubuntu 10.10, hardware?

    The page that I am about to link to does not 100% relate to PowerPC stuff, but should give you some idea if you try the terminal commands. Basically it breaks up each component with a terminal command. Give it a try and see how you go!
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    Re: 12" IBook G4 & Ubuntu 10.10, hardware?

    Ad 1: It should have a Model Number somewhere on the bottom of the iBook, google it in combination with You'll end up with your machine.

    Ad 2: Consider dmg2img may convert a .dmg file (which is a proprietary Apple format) into an .img file which can be burned from within Linux.
    Documentation for Ubuntu:
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