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Thread: [gtkmm 2.4] get a widget position

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    [gtkmm 2.4] get a widget position

    Hello everyone, I am new here, so i dont know if i am posting on the good place. Feel free to point me the good section for my post, Thanks.

    I am making a GUI, and I am new to the gtkmm devellopement.

    I am looking for a way to catch a mouse click on a Gdk::_Pixbuf

    Here are my configuration:

    my pixbuf is the only item inside my drawingAera.
    And my drawingAera is inside a Table, which own several DrawingAera, each of them containing just one picture (Gdk::_Pixbuf)

    All the class that i use are derivated from the corresponding widget, except for the Gdk::_Pixbuf, which i really use.

    into the Ctor of my derivated DrawingAera (MyDAera)
    i have put the following line:
    MyDAera:: MyDaera()
    /*some stuff*/

    this->signal_button_press_event().connect(sigc::mem_fun (*this,
    &MyDAera:: on_button_press_event) );
    /*other stuff*/

    my problem is the following :
    When i click on the pixbuf my signal occur which is working as intended, but it also occur when I click on the rest of the Table which own the drawing aera.
    If I click on an other Table on my GUI nothing happen as intended.

    Could you help me to find a way to get the position of my Gtk::_Pixbuf or the position of MyDaera inside the main window ?

    I want to know the position of MyDAera,so i can check if the coordinate of my mouse when i click are realy on the Pixbuf, in order the execute the signal function or not.

    i am also trying to catch the signal "ctrl + mouse click"
    any idea about how to catch a signal inside a signal.
    like catching ctrl press signal then mouse press signal ? ?

    thanks for your help.

    ps : i am using Gtkmm 2.4
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