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Thread: Help with installing Intel drivers please...

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    Re: Help with installing Intel drivers please...

    Quote Originally Posted by ET900 View Post
    Erm im not sure, whats that? I am new to linux really, ive played with it a little on random ocassions over the last couple years but ive only been running it properly as my main os for the last couple of days. i got ubuntu studio because i like to record and program music and edit videos so it was recommended to me on the linux forum. i thought it was just ubuntu but with a different default program set and a few codecs pre-installed.

    also i was hoping for some power saving/underclocking features for the cpu, kinda like what amd cool n quiet does. is that possible in ubuntu?

    Thanks again for all the help! i love this linux community
    XFCE is one of the desktop environments (the libraries that are used to create the windows, the menus and most other graphical things). XFCE is quite light. Unity is a DE that canonical created themselves and uses Gnome (another DE) as a base. Unity uses a lot of graphical 3D effects and so is quite heavy (and still a bit buggy).

    This is a list of the most common DEs from heavy to light:

    • Unity: only for Ubuntu, quite heavy, based on Gnome
    • KDE: used with Kubuntu, very windows like and a lot of bling
    • Gnome-shell: shell on top of the third generation of Gnome, very simplistic and not like anything you have seen before.
    • Gnome: very configurable, you can use it without effects or with a lot of crazy effects
    • XFCE: quite light on system resources, but still quite customizable
    • LXDE: extreme light (the L stands for light) and not very customizable

    Normally I use gnome-shell. I really like the interface, but almost all users have a love or hate relationship with it. Nobody is neutral. If I want to use my laptop on battery, than I use LXDE.

    For the overclocking, you will have to ask someone else or search the internet. I've never overclocked my computer (since the major speed limiting factor is the HDD anyway) but all I did was overclocking my phone.

    Maybe I should look into overclocking my computer. Since I began rendering OSM maps with tilemill my CPU gets used a lot more .

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    Re: Help with installing Intel drivers please...

    Firmware files go in /lib/firmware, but I wouldn't do that. (Just keep your BIOS updated).
    I'd suggest trying the latest video drivers if you feel your graphics are sluggish:

    For your info:
    CPU: Core i3-380M
    Chipset: Intel HM55
    GPU: Arrandale-based Intel HD

    Good commands to get info on your hardware:
    sudo lspci -v
    sudo lshw
    sudo dmidecode
    cat /proc/cpuinfo
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