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Thread: Catalyst 11.5 on Hybrid Graphics

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    Question Catalyst 11.5 on Hybrid Graphics

    Hi there,

    I have an HP touchsmart tm2 with hybrid graphics Intel/ATI.

    I read on the released notes of the property driver that since the catalyst 11.4 the switching between cards is supported in Linux.

    I am afraid to try it because when I did it with Ubuntu 10.04 and I never saw my system after installing the property drivers. And I had to reinstall the whole system.

    Does anybody have tried the new catalyst 11.5 (property driver for ATI) in a laptop with hybrid graphic cards?


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    Re: Catalyst 11.5 on Hybrid Graphics

    I've tried it but it doesnt work for me too. My classic gnome running in 2D and attempts to run some 3d applications are failing.
    I have Lenovo E420 with Sandy bridge graphics and switchable AMD HD6630M.
    When i installed AMD/ATI proprietary graphics drivers from the "Additional Drivers" menu there was Catalyst control center shortcut in System/Preferences but it wasnt working and was showing only some error message.
    When i then installed Catalyst 11.5 from AMD website directly from terminal and "Sudo sh" command it worked out pretty much the same and 3D doesnt work. But the Catalyst shortcut in System/Preferences is missing this time.

    Would be really nice to have this working in Ubuntu as it works in Windows..

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    Re: Catalyst 11.5 on Hybrid Graphics

    I also have a Lenovo Edge E420 with switchable ATI 6630 / Intel HD 3000 (sandy bridge graphics) and Natty recognizes the ATI card but when I install the proprietary Catalyst drivers to get the switching working I get a message saying that no ATI hardware is detected and it throws me back to Ubuntu "Classic".
    I believe the problem is that this model relies on a "software" switch - no BIOS or hardware switch - and Ubuntu picks the Intel discrete graphics before the ATI dedicated one.
    My laptop is currently being repaired under warranty for an unrelated issue but once I get ti back next week I'll do some further testing to see if we can get the Radeon card working.

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    Arrow Re: Catalyst 11.5 on Hybrid Graphics

    I have good news. I just installed the Catalyst 11.6 on my HP touchsmart tm2 with hybrid graphic (switchable graphics) and surprisingly it works.
    I have a ATI HD Radeon 5450 and Intel integrated graphics i5. It changes without problem between cards (although you have to restart the system). But resume/hibernate/logout/shutdown work well.

    The only problem is that when I change to intel it doesn't activate the 3D acceleration. So Ubuntu start in Unity 2d. A pity. Just wanted to let you know. It is the first time I see that a company supports in Linux (switchable graphics driver ATI/Intel) a driver and not in Windows.


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    Re: Catalyst 11.5 on Hybrid Graphics

    I just found out that it has two big bugs. The one that the Intel graphics are not 3D accelerated and that on full-screen video, games and video-out don’t work. It freezes the system. So... maybe on the next releases. We could have more luck.

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