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Thread: DockBarX / AWN icon refresh - bug or config issue?

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    DockBarX / AWN icon refresh - bug or config issue?

    Is anyone else experiencing this? I just upgraded my DockBarX after missing quite a few updates and the icons don't refresh when first rendered in the AWN dock. This means that they don't fetch the icon size. On the left is the new standalone DockBarX - no problems there. On the right is an AWN panel with DBX inside.

    If I hover the icons, they refresh:

    I can, theoretically, just wave my mouse over them every fresh boot, so this is a minor annoyance; if I launch an app or add a launcher, that new icon is the correct size. But if this is a bug, I want to identify it and get it filed.

    Oddly, the same problem happens if the panel is resized; the icons remain at their present size until they're hovered (which causes the icon size to be re-fetched.)

    Am I the only one having this problem with dockbarx-awn, is it possibly a config issue, or is it a bug?

    Edit: Further weirdness. It happens with any theme, but only with the panel in a vertical orientation.
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