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Thread: Uverse/Netgear problem

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    Uverse/Netgear problem

    I will try my best to explain my current setup and hope someone can assist. Thank you ahead of time for taking the time to read this and offer suggestions.
    I have Uverse for High Speed and TV. I have two laptops connected to my Uverse wireless. Both Windows 7, one runs Wubi. Zero problems with either of those. I mention them because they could affect my issue.
    I am moving my office to my house. To do that I will be putting in a VOIP phone, but it is through my company's system. So, I need to "move" my highspeed to my office(kitchen). I have also resurrected my Ubuntu desktop. It does not have a wireless card in it, just an ethernet card.
    My Residential Gateway for Uverse is in my living room. Soooooo, I thought I might be able to plug in my Netgear router, use it to pick up the Wireless Signal coming off of my RG and plug it into the ethernet port and the office phone and get to work.
    This, however, is not successful at this point. I did go onto my 2Wire site and add the MAC address for the router in the proper format, it shows it in the list but still doesn't connect.
    Any ideas before I am forced to go out and buy a wireless card for my desktop?

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    Re: Uverse/Netgear problem

    I am pretty sure that this will not work. Wireless routers send out a signal but only communicate with a cooresponding Wireless NIC card. As far as I know, they cannot make and "ad-hoc" connection with another wireless router. It is not really a "repeater" as in HAM radio.



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