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Thread: Problems with rEFIt and bootloader

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    Problems with rEFIt and bootloader

    Hey there, I originally posted in the apple users forum with some problems installing linux as the third operating system on my mac pro. However my problem has changed quite a bit since the original post so I figured I should start a new thread. I currently have rEFIt showing 3 operating systems on boot,it shows OSx, Windows 7 and Ubuntu, booting OSx and Windows 7 works perfectly. However when I try to boot Ubuntu it boots Windows 7. I've tried updating and giving rEFIt a fresh install, as well as using the rEFIt partition table tool and nothing has solved this issue. I think the issue has something to do with where I installed the bootloader for Ubuntu.

    I have 4 drives in my computer, the Ubuntu drive is the 4th drive. I installed Ubuntu to the partition /dev/sdd2 (ext3 format) and I installed the bootloader to the same location, is this correct? I noticed there is a /dev/sdd1 partition of EFI format, is that where I should have installed it? I'm also wondering if this is just an issue with 11.04, but I doubt that personally.

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    Re: Problems with rEFIt and bootloader

    If I've suggested a solution to a problem and you're not the original poster, do not try my solution! Problems can seem similar but be different, and a good solution to one problem can make another worse. Post a new thread with your problem details.


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