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    Wink Starling for regular work

    For some time I've been looking for a replacement for an Asus eeePC I managed to kill a few months ago. The Starling is an attractive option for a number of reasons, but I have some questions.

    - Netbooks are typically seen as light-use machines best for things like web browsing. I am really looking for a good small machine that I can use for programming / development, as well as more typical netbook-y things. Is anyone using the Starling for such purposes? How does it do?

    - I've never used Ubuntu. I find myself attracted to more gear-head-y distributions like Slackware. Have many people installed other Linux distros (or, say, a BSD variant) on this machine? I have nothing specific against Ubuntu, but I like what I am familiar with ...

    - does System76 have an 11.6" machine in the pipeline anywhere ...?

    Thanks for any responses / advice.


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