I have a Seagate external 1G hard drive formatted HFS+ that I have hung of my Ubuntu box for years. Works great, no problems - EXCEPT if for some reason there is a hard reboot of the machine (power failure, etc). When the machine comes back up, the drive is mounted fine, but it is mounted read-only. The only way I can get it to mount read/write again is to take it to my Mac and run disc repair on it, then plug it back into Ubuntu box. After that all well.

I have tried the onboard fsck.hfsplus in the past with limited success. I believe one time I tried it I lost some files and generally it just never fixes the problem anyway so I resort to hoofing it to the Mac box to repair and return.

Is there anything I can do to prevent this from happening or fix the problem without having to return the drive to the Mac for a repair.

Ubuntu 10.0.4

- thx