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Thread: Ubuntu 11.04 graphic issues unity 3d

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    Ubuntu 11.04 graphic issues gnome 3

    Hello quite a while ago i installed ubuntu 11.04 and i have to say i have had my share of issues concerning rendering graphics and effects in general so today i installed gnome 3 hoping for them to stop. Well for some reason when i select unity 3d from the login menu the system doesnt even boot and it redirects me to the login menu. So i figured there was something wrong with my H/W.. So i tried out some of the other options and saw that there is no diference between them all (Ubuntu, ubuntu classic and so on..) they all appear the same with the same problems.
    Now i think that there must be a problem with the installation of some of those but i cant figure out what exactly :/
    any help appreciated
    Some of the issues i am facing right now : No desktop (cant click and see icons), No window manager, some black spots appearing when popups show (possibly some rendering problem here)
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    Re: Ubuntu 11.04 graphic issues unity 3d

    Hi and Welcome

    Unity runs on top of Gnome 2.xx . If you have installed Gnome 3 , Unity will no longer work . Most of the instructions I have seen for installing Gnome 3 make that very clear. There is no way to revert to Gnome 2.xx without reinstalling.
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