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Ahhh! Thanks to everyone for their very kind support! I am so happy. Me and adrian15 have been able to get me back up and running. Thanks to him once again. Our solution was mostly made up of Testdisk where we recovered some lost data. Appearently much more was lost than a Grub file. Thank you everyone! Long Live Linux! Yeah!
Testdisk was able to detect two partitions: Dell Utility and Linux.
I set up the Linux partition from Deleted to primary partition and saved.

When we rebooted (and not before) we were able to mount the partition as ext4. Once it was mounted I unmounted and left Rescatux to do its job.

I used Restore Grub to the MBR and Update Grub configuration options.

He was able to boot after that I am still confused about him having only one Linux partition (no swap, no other linux partition).

Maybe Neoxhadowespio you should post Boot info script just be to sure that everything is ok.

I mean we will see at your
file if you had other partitions that you are not using right now because of testdisk not being able to detect all of your former partitions.