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Thread: Easy shift / ctrl / AltGr / etc hack on xf86-input-evdev

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    Easy shift / ctrl / AltGr... hack

    Hi. This hack provides for example "space/shift dual role key". When you press the space key alone, it's a space; but when you press it with another key, it's a shift. Any pairs of keys are possible. This means your hands stay almost always at their home postion. Now I can't type comfortably without it.

    It's a fork of Xorg "evdev" driver (= xf86-input-evdev, or in debian/ubuntu xserver-xorg-input-evdev).

    * Readme tells the detail.
    * homepage. You can get the source tarball and git access instruction.

    Q: Can I input Shift+Space if my Space is Space/Shift dual-role key?
    A: Turn both of your Space and Shift into Space/Shift keys.

    News for 2.8.0 (Jun 2013)
    Merges the upstream 2.8.0, and has no changes in ahm itself since 2.7.3. For full changes, read README, "News" section:

    I'm not a debian-ish distro user! Fortunately, there's an Ubuntu PPA for this hack contributed by Yuri Khan. (Thanks!) I don't give general instruction and caution on PPA here. Use it at your own risk, but the source package may be nice; at least looking into debian/ directory will help.

    * xcape. See the homepage for how to compile. It's a userland software, so you don't have to catch up the upgrade of xf86-input-evdev.
    * Obsolete alternatives are Space2Ctrl in C++ and keydouble in C, which is a fork of Space2Ctrl.

    Probably I don't develop any more this hack as a fork of xf86-input-evdev. It's better to do all in user space, rather than as an X driver.

    If you want some progress, improve xcape. I'm also interested in a rewrite in Python, which will be easier to allow flexible configuration. It'd be great if it'd be integrated into AutoKey, but its development seems to have stopped.

    With best regards.
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