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Thread: ntop Network Triffic Monitoring. Making sense of it.

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    Question ntop Network Triffic Monitoring. Making sense of it.

    I installed ntop, it works, I can log into http://myserver:3000.

    Only problem is that the information it represents is not as easy/intuitive as I expected.

    Its like ntop doesn't understand my network hierarchy/topology. I'd like to tell ntop to monitor my network interface ppp0 (maybe a bad idea?) and I'd like to make it aware that is my local network. Everything else is alien/internet traffic. I'd also like to be able to show IPv4 traffic only (by means of disabling routing of IPv6).

    I know IPv6 is the future, but I'm definitely not making use of it yet, and would like to disable it until such a time that I understand it and am using it.

    I'm running Ubuntu server with Shorewall as firewall, and the following interfaces:

    br0 -> local network ->
    Firewall System ->
    ppp0 -> internet -> dynamic ip

    I've configured /etc/ntop/ntop.conf to look like:
    --user ntop
    --db-file-path /usr/share/ntop
    --interface br0,ppp0
    --trace-level 3 # Which is the default
    --http-server 3001
    then did a
    sudo service ntop stop
    sudo service ntop start
    but ntop still works on port 3000 indicating that it doesn't use the config file. I've found ntop stores some settings under /var/lib/ntop/init.cfg. Mine looks like this:
    It seems to work, but it still doesn't recognize my local subnet etc and I can't set any of the other options.

    Is ntop the right program? Are you guys using this or something else? If you are using ntop, what configurations did you use?

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