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Thread: Unexpected lockup - Dell XPS M1730, 10.04 LTS

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    Unexpected lockup - Dell XPS M1730, 10.04 LTS

    I have a Dell XPS M1730 Lapkiller (It can only be a laptop if you have really strong and fireproof legs.)

    I'm running Ubuntu 10.04 LTS and the system is up-to-date. Occasionally, after it has been sitting for a while and is in screensaver mode, I'll move the mouse or work the touchpad, and the screen remains blank. The power is still on and the wifi light is still blinking, but it won't come back. My only option has been to power it down and then back up.

    It may be a thermal issue with the CPU. (I do folding@home on it and have been doing that for several years.) But, I would think that a thermal issue might shut it down instead of lock it up. Also, I recently vacuumed it out pretty good, but I didn't take it apart. But, the lockups keep happening, usually only every couple or three weeks. But, it has happened 3 times in the last few days.

    Anyway, I'm curious where is the place to look for what the problem is? A log file? And what would I look for, since it doesn't actually shutdown or reboot.

    Maybe I just need to go ahead and dismantle the thing and clean it out more thoroughly. I am typing this on the laptop and it is already quite warm... and it is not currently folding. Maybe a thermal issue -would- lock it up instead of shut it down. ??

    If you've had similar lockup issues, I'd appreciate your input.

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