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Thread: Ubuntu freezes on high load...

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    Ubuntu freezes on high load...


    I'm running Ubuntu 11.04 on a rather low-power S10-3 netbook.

    I currently have a problem that on high load, mostly with firefox or chromium loading* 7+ tabs or one of them running and loading a few tabs at the same time with LibreOffice or another program, Ubuntu occasionally freezes (roughly 1-5 times per day).

    I run tomboy, dropbox, hamster and gm-notify in the background but even if I quit them the problem still can occur.

    The thing is that I would know how to deal with this on windows: open painfully slowly the task manager and kill the offender. But in Ubuntu the freeze is complete, so I don't get to open the terminal and type a kill command or anything along those lines. Thus my only choice is to keep the power button pressed until the netbook is off and then start anew.

    Thus my question: Is there anything I can do to pre-emptively avoid this problem (apart from running less programs/tabs, sometimes I just need to)? I already deactivated ff's flash plugin but that doesn't seem to help too much. Or is that maybe some hardware issue I should ask Lenovo to look into?

    Thanks a lot in advance for your help!

    * loading, not necessarily having them open is the problem
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