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Thread: How do you navigate in Banshee?

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    Red face How do you navigate in Banshee?

    I've searched for this and found nothing...

    I see that Banshee has replaced Rhytmbox in 11.04, which I am currently using. But how can I navigate within a song? The navigation marker (if I could call it that) just stays on the left and refuses to move. I can't select a specific point in a song to listen to. Is this intended behaviour?
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    Re: How do you navigate in Banshee?

    Smells like a codec issue to me. Did you install the proprietary codecs while installing Ubuntu? If not, try installing the ubuntu-restricted-extras package from the repositories.

    Also, you can only navigate (or jump) in audio files that are stored in your computer. You can't jump in audio streams.

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    Re: How do you navigate in Banshee?

    I did install the proprietary codecs, or else it wouldn't have worked/asked me to install those codecs. That's the way it's been in the past. And yes, the files are stored on the computer. ^^

    The bar in the middle is what I'm talking about. It stays on the left during the entire song and I can't drag it.

    These are mp3-files, and I suppose I couldn't be playing them without the proper codec...
    Installing Ubuntu restricted extras right now.

    Actually, installing the restricted extras worked. Thanks!
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