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Thread: Ubuntu 11.04 a bit laggy

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    Ubuntu 11.04 a bit laggy

    Hello guy i just bought a brand new netbook computer - Asus eeePc 1001XPD, and installed the new ubuntu 11.04 on it. Everything runs great, but i'm get annoyed from the lag when i click on the dash. When i click it(or write in it) there is 1,2 even 3 (sometimes) seconds lag. I'm curious how to fix this problem. My netbook spec are here It has 2GB of DD3 ram, 2 core 1.66 Intel processor... Isn't this enough for the 11.04???

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    Re: Ubuntu 11.04 a bit laggy

    The specs should be more then enough, make sure to install updates, hopefully that will solve the lag issue.


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