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Thread: LMMS - importing a beat?

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    LMMS - importing a beat?


    Im new to Ubuntu, but im very excited about everything atm!

    When trying to import a finished beat as an .ogg (converted from mp3) file into LMMS im finding the only possible option to be through the Audiofile instrument plugin, but in both the Beat+Bassline and the Song editor it either loops it in weird ways (in B&B) or doesnt play at all when i add the black boxes.

    Any tips on how to get my beat working?

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    Re: LMMS - importing a beat?

    You can use the audiofile tool. Make sure the tempo (bpm) and time signature match the project you're importing the track into. I believe you can use this directly in the song editor or in the beat+bassline editor (step sequencer). I usually access beats and samples from the sidepane and directly drop them into the song editor. From there I adjust the length and pitch of the note in the piano-roll tool until it plays the whole sample at the desired speed.


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