Howdy Folks,

I'm going to start work on a new Ubuntu-based distribution. It's going to be similar to Edubuntu, but built entirely with portable systems in mind.

The primary goals of the Oneiros Project are to provide a portable solution for the following:

  • Study
  • Research
  • Electronic Text Books
  • Dictionaries
  • Calculators
  • Thesauruses (Thesauri?)
  • Word Processing for writing papers

The target audience for the Oneiros project is obviously mostly students, or people in professions that involve study, writing papers, or research that need their system to be portable. (Classrooms, cubicles, etc)

Once I start work on Oneiros I'm going to be looking for the above to test it out. I'm going to be including as many drivers and kernel modules for all of the wireless chipsets I can acquire that are freely available and legal to redistribute. Same with all of the software included. I will also be holding IRC chat sessions with the testers so that they can make suggestions and software requests.

If anyone wants to contribute time or effort to the Oneiros Project, feel free to send me a PM. I can also certainly use a hand with things like artwork, etc for those who are artistically inclined.