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Thread: XP side of HD Sick, clean install?

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    Unhappy XP side of HD Sick, clean install?

    Need help advice,

    Running Dual Boot with 10.04 Lucid Lynx and XP. Recently shut down computer and unhooked all connections and when hooked up again, now XP will not boot . Ubuntu boots and runs fine. XP just keeps hanging during boot and restarts, I have tried to get it going almost every way, up to safe mode, doing a repair reinstall of xp and resetting bios. Nothing working. I have been able to save files through access from Ubuntu partition. I really don't want to completely wipe the XP partition, but it's looking like I may have to do a clean install and loose everything, but...

    my questions?

    First, have I missed any way to try to get XP to boot?

    Can I just do a clean install on the XP partition without disturbing the Ubuntu partition or the dual boot process? I don't want to loose the other half of my computer in process.
    What is best method to restore the XP side

    And yes, I know I could/should dump the xp all together, but just can't do it right now

    Thanks for all your help


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    Re: XP side of HD Sick, clean install?

    I don't know how to repair xp, but if you do an xp re-installation, windows will overwrite grub2.
    To reinstall it, see this.

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