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Thread: Disabling USB Auto-suspend?

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    Disabling USB Auto-suspend?


    I foolishly disregarded the inner me telling me to check on the Internet before configuring anything and enabled the USB auto-suspend Powertop recommends. Now my mouse needs to be clicked once before being deemed active by my computer. Apparently I can configure it by editing something in this directory /sys/class/usb/device/*/device/power/level (according to this) but I can't find that directory. What can I do to fix this?

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    Re: Disabling USB Auto-suspend?

    same problem here

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    Re: Disabling USB Auto-suspend?

    Same thing. Bumping

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    Re: Disabling USB Auto-suspend?

    Quote Originally Posted by Sorseg View Post
    Same thing. Bumping
    Did it too... it said non-input devices but I shoud've checked more. It should be not so hard to turn autosuspend off again. Just don't know how yet, googling in process.

    edit: The correct path seems to be:
    where your device is in my case usb4, depends on the bus the mouse is connected to. then tere is the power folder and the level file. however it is read-only for all users, even for root. so echoing stuff to that file does not work. Strange enough the mouse seems to behave normal again, but I haven't changed anything.
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