As someone who had used Linux solely for the last decade and someone who advocates its use to many friends and family, I am delighted the way it is evolving and very pleased that of the many who switched to Ubuntu, none have gone back.

Now to my problem.....

The average age profile of 'my' convertees are mid to late 40yr old,s and a smattering of 50 to 70yrs old,s as well.

I looked at the storage situation on my PC's and recently decided that instead of plugging in a usb drive, a NAS box was the way to go. I bought a device from QNAP and slapped a couple of Terabyte drives in it. Whilst setting it up I learned what RAID is for the first time as well as the acronym JBOD
I installed Samba and lo and behold the QNAP samba share appeared within Nautilus. Now please excuse my ignorance but as a user who has not one Micro$oft PC at home, I realised that I didn't need Samba installing at all, as Samba allows shares to be accessed from a Windows environment.

I was wondering if the shares or 'folders' on the NAS box could be made visible on my desktop at boot up? Of course they can if one takes the time to follow the command line and edits the /etc/fstab file etc. I am 53 and struggle somewhat with this command line procedure and in some ways it seems an alien language to me, and difficult to find a solution when an error appears. The forums here are a font of knowledge which in my mind makes Ubuntu the distro that it is. With that said, and based on the age demographic I mentioned earlier, is there a simple program or interface that assists the mounting of folders easily. I don't believe that my friends would be brave enough with the command line to go down the NAS route, I feel they may hit a brick wall should they require the access to their folders via the desktop as well. A simple easy answer would be helpful to all of us including those of you reading this who may feel in the same boat?

Many thanks,