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Thread: Dvgrab halting during HDVcapture

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    Dvgrab halting during HDVcapture

    Running DVgrab with my Canon XH-A1S in HDV mode I get the following.
    deanb@deanb-MCP7A:~$ dvgrab
    Found AV/C device with GUID 0x0000850001d00f31
    libiec61883 error: Failed to get channels available.
    Waiting for HDV...
    Capture Started
    "dvgrab-003.m2t":     0.80 MiB 4 frames timecode 00:30:55.13 date 2011.05.31 14:21:11
    Capture Stopped
    A m2t file is generated and VLCplayer will open it but there is nothing in it. I can pipe dvgrab into ffmpeg and get video with a couple frames every second. but I think thats jus the result of dvgrab starting and stopping. FFmpeg also throws a couple errors as a result of the data (or lack thereof) coming from dvgrab.

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    Re: Dvgrab halting during HDVcapture

    Not really sure what changed... I removed the tape from the device and I was able to live capture, put the tape back in and now it work.


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