Whenever my laptop can't connect to the Internet, which happens pretty frequently, there are two solutions that work most of the time; reinstalling my proprietary wireless driver (Broadcom STA Wireless Driver for my BCM4313) or resetting my router. Both methods don't always work (reinstalling the driver takes a few more tries to work than the other method).

My computer is dual-booted with Windows 7 and wireless works with no problem when I'm using Windows but when I switch back to Ubuntu, I get the wireless problems again. This isn't always the start of the problem, however.

Now, I don't think my laptop is completely to blame for this because I would never get problems connecting when I'm at school nor at my girlfriend's house. I'm not completely sure though. I'm not a total expert with my computer just yet.

So what is the problem here? Is there something wrong with my router at home or is it my computer? How can I fix this?